What We Believe.

WE BELIEVE… … that you deserve the most pure, specific and scientific form of chiropractic available; therefore, we make the following commitments:

  1. We take X-rays.

    In order to do the best job possible at correcting your spinal problem, it is absolutely necessary to take X-rays. In addition, a specific form of analysis designed by Dr. Gonstead is applied to each X-ray. In this way, the Gonstead chiropractor is able to determine the exact position that the spinal bone has misaligned. This information allows the Gonstead chiropractor to be as specific as possible in correcting your particular problem. “To see is to know, not to see is to guess.”

  2. We assure accuracy.

    To accurately adjust the spine and move a vertebra back into place requires directly contacting the involved bone. This cannot be done through clothing such as a shirt or a sweater. Therefore we have men remove their shirts, and women wear modest gowns. We believe this is the only way to receive a proper chiropractic adjustment.

  3. We carefully evaluate.

    By using a small hand-held heat-detecting instrument, the Gonstead doctor evaluates the spinal joints for inflammation and misalignment. This procedure takes approximately 60 seconds and is performed on every visit. Not only does this procedure help detect the problem, but also monitors the progress. Dr. Gonstead felt it was wrong to adjust a patient without the information that this procedure provides — and so do we!!

  4. We maintain purity.

    The word “chiropractic” comes from two Greek words meaning “to perform with the hands.” Gonstead chiropractors continue to practice pure chiropractic by adjusting with their hands only. Only the human hand, because of its highly intricate design, is capable of adjusting a bone in exactly the direction it needs to move. At a time when much of what is called chiropractic is actually far from what chiropractic originally was. Gonstead remains committed to hands on chiropractic. Therefore, we do not use any mechanical adjusting instruments or spinal decompression tables.

  5. We pursue excellence

    Top professional athletes work with coaches to maintain peak levels of performance. In the same way, a Gonstead chiropractor receives expert instruction from top teachers at the Gonstead clinic on a regular basis. We take your health seriously. For a list of Gonstead method chiropractors in your area, click here.