How to get started with Functional Care

The Initial Consultation

During your meeting with Dr. Petchauer, you will have ample time to tell your story; what are your health challenges, how have you tried to solve them, and what are your health goals. This appointment generally lasts approximately 60 minutes. Dr Petchauer prefers to meet with you in person, but if your location is more the 100 miles from our office, this consultation can be done by phone.

When you contact our office for a Functional Medicine appointment, you will be sent an in-depth questionnaire to fill out. When it is returned to us, we will contact you to set up an appointment.

Lab Testing

After your consultation and Dr Petchauer’s review of any past medical records and tests, specific functional medicine tests will be recommended. These will be arranged at a lab in your area or collecting kits will be given to you.

Treatment and Education

When the necessary information has been gathered, a second consultation will be scheduled to implement a treatment program. This is individualized for each patient and may consist of nutrients, botanicals, herbs, diet education, detoxification programs, exercise instruction and stress handling coaching.


A future appointment will be set up to re-evaluate and modify your treatment plan as necessary.

Legal jargon – the government states that a natural treatment cannot be claimed to treat any named disease. Therefore Dr. Petchauer states that any recommendations given are for overall health enhancement and for non specific disease treatment.