Training and Credentials

It is important to stay current in this rapidly advancing field. Dr. Petchauer has advanced training in the areas of nutritional evaluations and treatment programs. This includes many forms of diagnostic testing (blood, saliva, hair, etc.). Below is a list of post graduate classes he has attended in the past several years.

  • Anti-aging Nutritional Factors
  • Balancing Female Hormones
  • Balancing Female Hormones Naturally: Physiology and Principles
  • Balancing Hormones in Menopausal Women: Clinical Applications and Advanced Principles
  • Child Nutritional Issues
  • Clinical Applications of Cold Laser Therapy
  • Clinical Nutrition and Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Clinical Purification and Detoxification
  • Diagnosing and Treating Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Drugs that Don’t Work and Natural Therapies that Do
  • Essentials of Nutritional Therapy
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Laser Therapy
  • Health Aging
  • Holistic Medicine for the 21st Century
  • Interpretation of Salivary Hormones
  • Interpretation of Blood Chemistry Results
  • Interpretation of Salivary Hormones
  • Medical Blood Testing Interpretation
  • Minerals and Genetic Expression
  • Natural Alternatives to the Top Ten Health Complaints
  • Naturopathic Patient Treatment Applications
  • New Directions in Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Nutrition Response Testing
  • Nutritional Management of Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Restorative Endocrinology – A Functional Approach to Female Hormones
  • Symposium on Diabetes and Hypoglycemia
  • Symposium on Toxins, Free Radicals, and Carcinogens:
    Balancing the Inflammatory – Anti-Inflammatory Response
  • The Therapeutic Use of Trace Minerals
  • The Vitamin Complexes and Alternative Strategies
  • Thyroid and Adrenal Testing and Treatment
  • Understanding Cholesterol and Therapeutic Options
  • Understanding Weight Management and Detoxification
  • Holistic Approach to Thyroid Disorders
  • Laboratory Evaluation of Digestive Disorders
  • Reversing the Epidemic of Degenerative Diseases
  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Testing and Treating Menstruating Women
  • Practical Applications for Menopausal Women

Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Curriculum

Further Functional Medicine Coursework:
Introduction to Functional Diagnostic Medicine
The Functional Medicine Thinking Mechanism
The Business of Running an FDM Office
The New Patient Health History
Intro to Physical Examination – General Survey and Vitals
Physical Examination & Associated Pathology of the Skin
Physical Examination & Associated Pathology of the Head and Neck
Physical Examination & Associated Pathology of the Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular System
Physical Examination & Associated Pathology of the Respiratory System
Examination & Associated Pathology of the Abdomen
Physical Examination & Associated Pathology of the Neurological and Musculo-Skeletal System
Physical Examination of the Male Genitilia, Hernias and Rectum
Physical Examination & Associated Pathology of the Breast and Female Pelvis
Blood Chemistry & CBC Analysis
Advanced FDM Testing
The Initial Report, the Summary of Findings Report, and the Progress Questionnaire
Clinical Application
Digestion, Absorption and Mucosal Integrity:
The Biology of Digestion, Absorption, Utilization and Excretion
The Physiology of GALT, Enteric Nervous System, and Mucosal Barrier
Assessing for Dysfunctions and Imbalance in Digestion, Absorption, and GI Flora using Primary FDM Testing
Special Topic: Gastric acid analysis and H. pylori testing
Advanced FDM Testing and Interpretation: Stool Analysis, Stool Pathogens and Organic Acid Testing
Advanced FDM Testing and Interpretation: Celiac Testing
Advanced FDM Testing and Interpretation: Mucosal Barrier Function Testing
Clinical Approaches to Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
The Immune System
The Biology of the Immune system
Assessing for Immune Dysfunction Using Primary FDM Testing
Advanced FDM Testing: Food Allergy Testing
Special Topic: The Modified Elimination Diet
Advanced FDM Testing: Viral Load
Clinical Approaches to Immune Dysfunction
Energy Production, Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction
The Biology of Energy Production and Oxidative Stress
Physiology of Insulin and Blood Glucose Regulation
Assessing Blood Sugar Regulation Using Primary FDM Testing
Assessing for Oxidative Stress and Energy Dysregulation Using Primary FDM Testing
Advanced FDM Testing: Oxidative Stress Assessment
Clinical Approaches to Blood Sugar Dysregulation and Oxidative Stress
The Biology of the Inflammatory Process
Assessing for Inflammation Using Primary FDM Testing
Advanced FDM Testing: Essential Fatty Acid testing
Special Topic: Functional Medicine Approach to Cardiovascular Disease
Special Topic: Cytokine Testing
Clinical Approaches to Inflammatory Dysfunctions
The Biology of Detoxification and the Liver-GI Axis
Assessing for Detoxification Capacities Using Primary FDM Testing
Advanced FDM Testing: Detoxification Profiles
Advanced FDM Testing: RBC Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis
Special Topic: Chemical and Environmental Testing
Clinical Approaches to Detoxification
Special Topic: The Functional Detoxification Program
Special Topic: Heavy Metal Detoxification
Neuroendocrine Regulation
The Biology of Stress and the Adrenals
Assessing Adrenal Health Using Primary FDM Testing
Advanced FDM Testing: The Adrenal Stress Index
Clinical Approaches to Adrenal Dysfunction
Special Topic: Vitamin D
Physiology of the Thyroid
Assessing Thyroid Function Using FDM Testing
Clinical Approaches to Thyroid Dysfunctions
Physiology of the Male and Female Sex Hormones
Assessing Sex Hormone Function Using FDM Testing>
Advanced FDM Testing: Estrogen Metabolism
Advanced FDM Testing: Female Hormone Panels (Pre-Menopause)
Advanced FDM Testing: Male Hormone Panels
Advanced FDM Testing: Female Hormone Panels (Post-Menopause)
Clinical Approaches to Female Hormone Dysfunction
Clinical Approaches to Male Hormone Dysfunction
Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Balance
Assessing the Readiness to Change
Managing Stress: Yoga, Breathing, Prayer, Imagery and Meditation
Toxic Emotions
Structural Integrity
Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment
Gait Analysis
Myofascial Rehabilitation
Special Topic: Shoe Analysis and Orthotics
Exercise Therapy