Laser Therapy

laserpictDr. Michael Petchauer is now incorporating a newer method known as Low Level Laser Therapy, which is used to treat various conditions. He uses the FDA approved Erchonia Cold Laser which is used by elite professional athletes. The US Olympic Committee enthusiastically endorsed Low Level Laser Therapy in January of 2004. The Cold Laser uses a non-heat producing light laser which is locked at a specific wavelength providing optimal treatment penetrating deep into tissue. The Low Level Laser Method is emerging as the therapeutic modality in the healing arts community.


Low Level Laser Therapy can be used for:

  • Inflammatory conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Epicondylitis, Plantar Fascitis, and Bursitis with excellent results.
  • Pain management for Fibro Myalgia, Myofascial pain, cervical neck pain, thoracic pain, and low back pain.
  • Connective tissue disorders such as sprains, strains, tendonitis, and tendon ruptures.
  • Joint injuries or disorders such as TMJ disorders, osteoarthritis, dislocations, and ligament injuries.
  • Muscle injury or disorders such as muscle bruises, contusions, muscle ruptures, and muscle shortening contractures like frozen shoulders.
  • Neurological injury or disorders such as prolapsed disc, ruptured or herniated discs, crush injuries, neuritis, and headaches.

The biological effects of how Low Level Laser Therapy has been shown to significantly accelerate and enhance the body’s natural defense and repair injuries. By reducing the duration of inflammation as well as enhancing specific repair and the healing process, Low Level Laser Therapy has been proven to provide safe pain relief, reduce damage due to injury and loss of function. Low Level Laser Therapy enables the body to have a rapid repair and produces stronger tissue once healed.

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