Nutrition and Health Testing

Americans have been eating their way into health problems for years.

We must realize that most diseases are the result of lifestyle choices. Poor health results from poor choices. Better health results from better choices. You are unique, and your nutritional needs are unique. By understanding what your body needs, you have the power of choosing good health. Where do you get this knowledge?


What’s the matter with the food I eat?

Often our lifestyles and habits prevent us from getting the nutrition we need. We eat processed, canned and frozen foods with preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial coloring and flavoring. These foods were grown in soil depleted of vital nutrients, using harmful pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Transporting from long distances and storage further destroys the nutrient content. By the time you eat this food, most essential ingredients are gone (if they were ever there) and all the toxic chemicals remain. That does not even include genetic and environmental factors that negatively affect your nutritional needs.


Our modern food supply is for profit, not for people.

As you age, you wish to do so with vitality and strength. But many of the problems you will encounter, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue, menstrual problems, headaches, etc., are often caused by a poor diet. You need to know what makes you unhealthy and now, what will make you healthy.


You need to choose health.

More money is spent on health care (actually disease care) in the United States than any other country. But with all the new drugs, surgeries and treatments, Americans are not much healthier. Studies show we keep getting sicker and fatter, with declining IQs. We desperately need to change this pattern.


How do I know what to do?

Most of us know that we should be avoiding sugar, transfats and NutraSweet. But what about wheat, dairy, corn and other common foods? Should you take vitamins and minerals? If so, what? Are you getting enough Vitamin D and Omega 3’s. What about herbs? How much water should you drink and is city water really that bad? Do you have allergies to the things you are eating? Hormones: What are they? Are they safe? And do you need them? Are the medications prescribed to you really helping or just covering up nutritional problems?

Dr. Petchauer uses various scientific methods to analyze your current health status and determine which systems in your body are unhealthy. Specific laboratory tests are utilized depending upon your unique circumstances. Blood, saliva, hair and urine testing can be used to analyze vitamin, mineral, hormonal, and other imbalances. He also utilizes the new Food Safe IgE allergy test which determines the common foods in your diet that may cause allergic reactions.

Dr. Petchauer has specialized in nutritional research and clinical nutritional evaluations for over 25 years. He has extensive post graduate study in these areas and continues to expand his knowledge by further study.