What our Patients are Saying

“I want to thank Dr. Petchauer again for his time yesterday, he did a great job going over everything with me. I’m still not used to “real” appointments. I’m still in the traditional medicine mind frame where the doc sees you for 15 mins and flies through everything without much quality or detail. Thanks doc!!”

Vince – Holland



“I met with Dr. Petchauer in November of 2012 with many health issues. Not only did I have a small mass in my pancreas, but I was also suffering from chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, migraines, and hormonal issues. Dr. Petchauer did many comprehensive tests to determine exactly what was going on in my body to crack these symptoms. I began taking a variety of supplements in January and began feeling better month by month. Dr Petchauer is extremely thorough and makes sure your body needs a supplement before he recommends it. I am continually telling my friends about him and many have seen him and have also been super happy!

Dr. Petchauer also helped me to make the right decisions and led me in all of the right directions when it came to my pancreatic whipple surgery. I am so thankful for his insight, knowledge, and connections. Thank you!!”

Angie – Holland



“My wife had been sick for 18 months with a mystery illness that no doctor could identify, less treat. After dozens of rounds of antibiotics, tens of thousands of dollars and dozens of trips to specialists and doctors we drove to see Dr Petchauer. Within three weeks her fevers were gone! And she has been on the path to better health ever since. For us, Dr Petchauer was a miracle worker.”

Dan – Chicago



“On October 15, 2007 I was stricken with severe pain in my hip and leg. October 22nd, I had my first visit with my primary care doctor which resulted in therapy three times a week with no results and continuous pain. October 30th, I had an MRI and there was nothing to report. November 6th, a bone scan revealed nothing. December 28th, the second MRI and a visit with a neurologist had no results. January 7th 2008, was my first visit with Dr. Petchauer. He heard the facts of my problem and gave me the confidence to proceed with his method. He told me it would take time but he would be able to help me. As of this date and time I am happy to say that I see Dr. Petchauer every four weeks for maintenance. I praise God for him and the good health I’m enjoying. I never hesitate to recommend him!”

Hilda – Holland



“I consistently and for several years had a pain to numbness in my left hand, left elbow, shoulder area into the base of my skull. It was chronic and I did my best to live with it as a neurologist suggested neurosurgery involving the left ulnar nerve to relieve these symptoms from the hand to the nerve roots in the neck and upper thoracic.

It would really catch my attention when, while driving I couldn’t feel the steering wheel, nor feel I was engaging it properly. Also, when I would roll over during sleep onto my left side, very soon, afterwards I would notice or be awakened by a tremendous amount of pain around the left shoulder, accompanied by a stiff neck, and pain to numbness in the left hand and elbow.

It was not until you did the two cervical adjustments and then placed your hands in the area between my shoulder blades and upper thoracic that the symptoms went away, and in fact are still gone.

Prior to your treatment, I used to think every time I rolled over in my sleep that I dislocated my left shoulder with all the flare-up down my left arm and stiff neck.

Thank you for your help with this problem. I addition to being able to sleep though the night, I feel safer behind the wheel.”

Joe – Phoenix



“In October of 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident that shattered my left ankle. The orthopedic surgeon decided to try and save my leg rather than amputate (the injury was THAT bad).I started taking specific supplements at the suggestion of Dr. Michael Petchauer to help with bone regeneration. As you can see from the before & current x-rays, there has been significant bone re-growth in only a few months! I am still a long way off from where I was before the accident, but according to my last orthopedic visit I am further along in the process than anticipated. I believe this is in part to the supplements.

 Thank you, Dr. Petchauer, for recommending these supplements!”

Matthew – Zeeland


before X-ray right after surgery (notice black areas)

after Recent X-ray (notice filled in areas)